Benefits of Prunes for Weight Loss: Benefit of Prunes During Pregnancy

Prunes are dried version of plum. Prunes are sweet in taste with high nutritional content. The botanical name for prune is prunus domestica. The fruit is consumed raw and it is also used in many dessert dishes.

There are more than one thousand variety of plums grown for drying and making prunes.

Benefits of Eating Prunes

  • A prune is a rich source of vitamin A. It is useful in maintaining healthy eye condition. Vitamin A present in prunes helps to fight acne and maintain good skin health.
  • The sense of fullness, caused by dietary fibers and protein present in prunes makes it a choice of food, for weight loss.
  • It is also a good probiotic. The fiber content in prunes help the natural growth of bacteria in the intestine. Therefore it is regarded as a good probiotic and aid in certain digestive disturbances.
  • Constipation, piles etc are prevented due eating prunes.
  • Prune is rich source of iron. Anemic persons should eat prunes regularly.
  • Eating prunes during pregnancy has immense benefits. It increases hemoglobin level, it cures constipation which is common during pregnancy, and due to natural vitamins it helps the child and the mother in normal growth.
  • The presence of copper and magnesium in prunes is beneficial in maintaining and promoting healthy state of muscle, nerves and blood vessels.

There is a word of caution, patients suffering from kidney disease or gall bladder stone should avoid prunes as they contain oxalates which are detrimental in above diseases.

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