Birth Control Implant: Contraceptive Implanted Inside the Body

Birth Control Implant

Those who want to avoid getting pregnant may try implants that could be used for birth control. This contraceptive, as its name implies, is implanted inside the body.

Birth Control Implant

  • This is considered to be among the most effective methods of birth control but is not 100% effective as some women have reported becoming pregnant even while using the implants.
  • The device is placed under the skin, usually on the inner side of the upper arm.
  • This little device will continually release hormones called etonogestrel to trick the body into thinking that it is pregnant. Because of this, the body will not release new eggs because it is “pregnant”.
  • The device is often very effective up to 3 years but loses its efficacy after the 3rd year. The amount of hormone released also decreases from implantation.

Birth Control Implantation

  • Implantation often involves just inserting a small plastic rod inside the skin of the upper arms. This does not require surgery though local anesthesia is used.

Birth Control Implant Side Effects

  • This method often alters the body’s reproductive system routines so that 1 in 3 women will have no period from 1 year to the entire time that the implant is inside the body.
    Often, when periods do occur, they are painful.
  • Some women also experience sporadic menstruation while some could have periods that last longer than usual.
  • It can also cause dizziness, nausea, hair loss, stomach pain, vaginitis, and back pain.
  • It is also possible that the insertion site will be painful for a long time.

Birth Control Implant Options

  • There are very implant products for birth control so that the options are very few. However, women can also opt for other options, not just implants for birth control.

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