Body Hair Transplant: Transplant Hair from Part of Body to Head

Body Hair Transplant

This type of transplant, also known as BHT is a procedure that transfers hair from one place to another. It is used as a hair loss treatment. This is a new procedure and the results are known to be unpredictable.

What is BHT?

The procedure if often used for purposes of Body Hair Transplant to the head.

However, there are some patients who use this to transfer hair to the chest and to other places in the body.

  • For transplantation to the head, hair from others in the body (beard, chest, legs, arms, and other areas) are harvested and transferred to the head.

  • This is a recourse when the subject’s head does not have enough donor follicles to be transplanted onto the bald areas.

  • It can be used on both men and women

  • The procedure is very unpredictable and it can be difficult to determine how the hair is going to react and if it is going to hold or fall off.

  • There are also several types of different procedures in BHT, but the goal is the same and that is to transfer hair from one part of the body to the hair

Many patients who have undergone the procedure are happy and impressed with their results while others are disappointed.

Who Are Good Candidates for BHT?

  • Patients who do not have a lot of viable donor hair on the scalp area

  • Patients who suffer from male pattern baldness but have a lot of harvestable body hair

  • Patients who have tried other hair re-growth procedures without much success

Body Hair Transplant Cost

  • The cost of BHT is going to depend on the amount of work that needs to be done.

  • It can also depend on where the procedure is to be performed (country, city, state)

  • The performing surgeon can also hike up the fee depending on difficulty and on their experience

  • The tools used can also affect pricing.

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