Breast Implant Sizes: What Size Breast Implants will Suit me?

Women who wish to undergo a breast enhancement procedure have a wide range of breast implant sizes to choose from. The sizes of the implants are influenced by the type of breast implant, and by the availability from the manufacturer.

Breast Implant Sizes and Shapes

The unit of measurement used in breast implants is cubic centimeters (cc); it indicates the total volume of the implant. Standard sizes for implants go from 120cc to 850cc. Patients who wish to dramatically augment their natural breast volume will of course need a bigger and heavier breast implant.

There are two types of breast implant shapes: the round shape and the teardrop shape. Most women prefer the round shape, although the teardrop shape also works best for certain body types. Experienced doctors make the following considerations before recommending a particular size or shape to patients:

  • Body type. There are three female body types: ectomorphs appear slim and linear, while endomorphs are characterized big bones and wide trunks, and mesomorphs have broad shoulders and narrow waists. The size and shape of the implant must be aesthetically congruent with the body type of the patient.
  • Breast tissue. The volume of breast tissue that the patient has greatly matters in determining the right size and shape of the implant.
  • Type of implant placement, whether under the muscle or under the glands.
  • Type of surgical incision. The place of insertion also matters, whether the implant will be slid into the armpit area, in the area around the areola, in the area near the navel, or in the area below the breast.

Ultimately though, it is the patient who gives the final decision on breast shape and size that he or she deems the most desirable. Plastic surgeons may offer their opinion, but the final decision regarding implant size and shape is in the hands of the patient, especially if the procedure is being done for cosmetic purposes.

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