Drooping Breasts: Ways to Fix Sagging Breast

Drooping of breast is a common phenomenon which occurs in every woman at one stage in her life. For some it may be embarrassing cosmetically, while others consider as a natural physiological process as you age.

As breast is made up of ligaments and connective tissues and not muscles, gravity pulls the breast down. The skin and ligaments are stretched to an extent of drooping.

Drooping breast also depends on the elasticity of the skin, ligaments, diet, your age and of course your genes.

At times, factors precipitating early drooping is due to sports activities such as tennis, jogging, which stretch the ligaments of the breast. A good sports bra is always recommended to avoid excess of stretching of ligaments while playing.

Repeated pregnancy also causes early drooping of breast. Drooping of breast is also observed in woman having large breast and those who are obese.

Stages of Drooping Breast

Cosmetologists consider three stages for classification of drooping breast.

  • Stage 1(mild). There is mild decline of the breast with nipple pointing towards the breast crease, instead of pointing forward.
  • Stage 2(moderate). The position of nipple is below the breast crease. It is pointed in downward direction.
  • Stage 3(severe).the nipple will point towards the ground and its will be situated much below the breast crease.

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Drooping of breast can be altered by surgical procedure called mastopexy or breast lift. To some extent exercise and certain lingerie can also combat drooping breast.

In breast lift surgery the skin of the breast is tightened and the nipple and areola are brought into its original position.

Implants are used when there is total loss of elasticity of the breast.

Certain exercise like pushups will make the pectoral muscles strong and support the drooping breast.

Various supportive pushup bras also help to decrease drooping breast temporarily.

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