Drooping Shoulder: Causes and Treatment for Drooping Shoulder

Drooping Shoulder Syndrome

Drooping of the shoulders a condition which is characterized by mild or moderate depression of the of one or both the shoulder joints with or without the symptoms of pain.

Patients suffering from this condition have graceful swan-like necks with one shoulder drooping more than the other.

This syndrome affects females more as compared to males.

Patients suffering from drooping shoulder syndrome normally don’t present with any neurological symptoms and often the radiological examination elicits unique features, though no structural abnormalities are observed.

Causes of Drooping Shoulder

There are several reasons for an individual to suffer from drooping shoulders. Some of the leading causes of this condition include,

  1. Postural problems like incorrect posture or tendency to stoop primarily due to being too tall
  2. Weak upper back muscles may result in drooping
  3. Structural abnormalities, which may result in an inappropriate structure of the spine, which may cause drooping of the shoulders.
    Drooping is often observed in patients with scoliosis or kyphosis.

How to Fix Drooping Shoulders

  • Empirical evidence is suggestive that the condition is completely reversible and the treatment may depend upon the underlying cause. Simple exercises like push-ups or rowing to strengthen the muscles of the back have been found to be beneficial. Shoulder press or bench press to strengthen the deltoids also helps reduce the drooping of the shoulders.
  • Drooping of shoulders has also been associated with depression and hence adequate treatment of depression can help reduce the drooping of the shoulders.

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