EFA Deficiency: Deficiency Symptoms and Cure for Essential Fatty Acids

EFA Deficiency

EFA or Essential fatty acids are fatty acids that the body needs, but they can not be synthesized within the body, and thus, they must be included in the daily diet.

Essential fatty acids are vital for diverse biological and metabolic processes.

The primary cause for essential fatty acid deficiency is an increase in the adulteration of the poly-unsaturated oils during the process of refinement.

The deficiency may also occur due to an alteration in the dietary pattern. Modern methods of cooking have entirely eliminated the critical sources of essential fatty acids. Additionally, trans fats and hydrogenated fat, have become an integral constituent of the daily diet.

EFA Deficiency Symptoms

The following features occur in case a person is suffering form essential fatty acid deficiency:

  • Craving for fatty foods.
  • Dry and oily skin.
  • Dry and brittle hair
  • Excessive thirst; and dry mouth and eyes.
  • Irregular bowel movements.
  • Feeling tired and weary
  • Failure to concentrate.
  • Pre-menstrual pain in breasts and cramping in the abdomen.
  • Skin becomes dry and scaly.
  • Small bumps develop on the arms, hands.
  • Stiff, painful joints.

EFA Deficiency Treatment

  • Supplementing the daily diet with essential fatty acids supplements are advised by doctors, especially, in cases of severe deficiencies.
  • Nutritionists recommend adding liberal amounts of safflower seeds, sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, and fish to the daily diet.
  • Soybean oil / olive oil emulsions help treat EFA deficiency.

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