Enzyme Deficiency: Causes and Treatment for Lack of Essential Enzyme

Enzyme Deficiency

Enzyme deficiency is a condition which is associated with structural mutation in the genes meant for enzyme polypeptides and is manifested in the form of various metabolic abnormalities. The most common forms of enzyme deficiencies include Amylase deficiency, Protease deficiency, Lipase deficiency or a combination deficiency

Enzyme Deficiency Symptoms

The symptoms associated with enzyme deficiency may depend upon the specific enzyme that is deficient.

  1. Amylase Deficiency is associated with mood swings, depression, skin rash, hot flashes, body ache and inflammatory reaction in the body
  2. Protease deficiency is associated with fungal irritations, constipation and generalized weakness
  3. Lipase deficiency is associated with gallstones, acne, arthritis, bladder problem, generalized pain and hay fever

In addition other common symptoms include chronic fatigue, sinusitis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic allergies, etc are observed when there is a combination of enzyme deficiencies.

Enzyme Deficiency Treatment

Here are a few simple tips to ensure that your diet is rich in enzyme essential for the body,

  1. Avoid overcooking your food. Overcooking food tends to destroy the essential enzymes that are present in the food. Consuming raw food in the form of green salads can be extremely helpful
  2. When consuming raw food, it is critical to ensure that you protect yourself against exposure to bacteria, fertilizers and herbicides.
    Ensure that you wash the food adequately in warm water before consuming them
  3. Finally, there are several enzyme supplements available in the market. Consume them rationally. Over consumption of these enzymes will not yield any benefit but can be actually detrimental to the overall health.

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