Exfoliative Cheilitis: How to Treat Chronic Pealing of Lips?

Exfoliative cheilitis is a chronic skin condition of the lips. The lips become inflamed and dry; later on the skin of the lips starts to peel off and the raw skin of the lips is exposed. It gives rise to symptoms such as burning of lips, cracked lips and sometimes pain associated with lips.

The condition is chronic in nature and surfaces back after a period of remission.

Though there is no specific cause contributing to exfoliative cheilitis. It is assumed to be a problem of outer skin but people are mistaken, on the contrary it is an indication that there is something wrong in your body. It may be a hormonal problem, a Candida fungal infection or some vitamin deficiency. It may be a sign where your liver is overloaded with toxins. As there is no specific cure for exfoliative cheilitis, a proper lip care with healthy eating habits will certainly help in relieving symptoms of this disorder.

The symptoms of exfoliative cheilitis can be

  • Red and dry lips.
  • Cracked lips.
  • Burning lips
  • Flakes from lips.
  • Discoloration of lips.
  • Inflammation of lips.

There is no specific treatment for exfoliative cheilitis, a lip balm applied twice in a day will keep the lips moist and subside the dryness. This is beneficial in controlling burning and irritation caused on the lips. A cold compress with water is also found useful in treating exfoliative cheilitis. A person can also try applying lactic acid lotion locally on the lips, it keeps lis moist and soft.

Besides the above methods, person should drink plenty of water and flush the toxins in the body; eat green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits; they contain plenty of vitamins and minerals.

Avoid tea, coffee and junk food. Do not smoke or drink alcohol.

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