Fat Burning Exercises for Teenagers | Weight Loss Exercises For Teenagers

Erratic lifestyles, work load, no exercise, poor dietary habits and increasing stress levels have a detrimental effect on one’s body. The consequence is weight gain and obesity. Here are some effective fat burning exercises to help you lose weight easily and quickly.

Fat Burning and Weight Loss for Teenagers

  • Cardiovascular Exercises like brisk walking, jogging running, swimming, etc.
    increase the blood circulation, increase the heart rate and help burn excess fat.
  • Walking is decidedly effective for weight reduction. Walk whenever you can”: to the bus stop, to the college, take the stairs instead of the elevator, etc. Swimming is a brilliant fat burning exercise. It works on the entire body and tones up all the muscle groups.
  • Dancing is a fun way to burn fat and lose weight
  • Cycling is another fun way to eliminate pounds of superfluous fat.
  • Jogging / running every morning give your metabolism a tremendous boost. A higher metabolic rate burns fat more effectively.
  • Strength training converts fat in to lean muscle mass. It also peps up the metabolic rate and strengthens bones.
    Weights, crunches, squats, pull ups and pushups and aerobics are ideal.
  • Abdominal Exercises are highly important, more so, because, the abdominal muscles are one of the most vital groups of core muscles. Exercising the abdomen increase core muscle strength and causes fat burning.

These are excellent fat burning exercises for teenagers to eliminate superfluous and unwanted fat. Regular exercise and a lifestyle overhaul will help you stay lean and fit.

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