Inner Knee Pain: Causes and Treatments for Inner Knee Pain

Of all the joints in human body, knee is considered to be the largest joint. Due to its anatomical location knee is the most vulnerable joint to bear the brunt of routine human activities. The wear and tear occurs as a result of walking, jumping and abnormal movements of the leg.

Besides, it also bears the weight of the body, trauma and injuries add up to its trouble. Inner knee pain is precipitated at times due to such activities.

Let us understand the anatomy of the knee joint, before knowing the cause of inner knee pain.

Knee joint is made up of lower end of femur bone and the upper end of tibia bone. In between the bones, there is a cartilage which acts as a cushion. Ligaments are on the either side of the knee which keeps it stable. The knee cap is in the grove of the joint in front. The tendons of the muscles are attached to the end of bones and help its flexion and extension movement.

If you are having inner knee pain, you are probably suffering from chondromalicia patella. The symptoms being, pain behind and below the knee cap due to activities such as running downstairs, or sitting for a long time with bent knees. It is often called runners knee.

It can also occur due to poor thigh muscle or quadriceps.

If you are suffering from inner knee pain, the first thing you have to do is immobilization. Give rest to your knee joint; avoid all the activities which make your knee cap irritated. You can elevate your legs, keeps ice packs on the knee joint for a while and take anti inflammatory medicines as prescribed by your doctor.

You can consult physiotherapist and start physiotherapy exercises to strengthen the thigh muscles after few days. Swimming pool exercise, riding a stationary bicycle is useful. Remember not to overwork, keep short routine and abandon it, if knee pain is felt.

Regular stretching is important to get relief from inner knee pain.

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