Invisalign Braces Cost: What is the Cost for Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Braces Cost

Invisalign is a brand of dental aligners that uses removable braces as opposed to the fixed contraptions used in traditional methods. This option offers a faster, easier, and less painful way to achieve the final goal of having esthetically acceptable rows of teeth. The program requires several sets of corrective dental aligners.

The aligners must be work at least 20 hours a day but should be removed before eating or drinking liquids except water.

Invisalign Braces Cost

  • Invisalign offers a dental aligning program that involves the use of transparent aligners. One set is used for a certain period of time. Then, another set will be used. This will be repeated until the goal is reached.
  • Because several sets of corrective dental aligners are required to complete the program, Invisalign is more expensive than the traditional metal braces.
  • The treatment course depends on the severity of the problem and the final outcome that the patient desires. However, because the aligners are removable, their efficacy will largely depend on the patient’s habits.
    Because of this, there are times when the next set of aligners will not fit the user because the previous set was not worn for the required number of hours. This poses two solutions: 1) wear the previous set for a longer period of time or 2) make a new set of aligners.

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    Invisalign Braces Prices

    • The final price for the braces will depend on the clinic that will provide the treatment as well as the doctor’s fees. Doctors have to pay for training fees to be able to prescribe Invisalign so the program is understandably expensive.

    How Much are Invisalign Braces

    • The Invisalign braces will cost differently from one location to another.
    • Other factors also affect the price, including the number of sets required for the treatment program.

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