Irritability During Pregnancy: Mood Swings during Pregnancy

Irritability during pregnancy is very common in some woman, just as happiness of being pregnant is felt by many others. The heightened emotions which she may exhibit during pregnancy may range from anxiety to depression.  This mood swings during pregnancy may be due to the hormonal changes.

Most of the women at one point or the other may experience irritability during pregnancy, it can be with your colleague, or may be felt with your partner or family members.

Some women experience irritability in the first trimester, few may experience in the last trimester and others throughout the pregnancy period.

Some of the Causes which may Cause Irritability during Pregnancy are

Change in the hormones during pregnancy.

  • Problems with your partner, possibility of your family members neglecting you during pregnancy period.
  • You may be worried of the added responsibility of how to bring up your child, and to take care of him, especially women who are getting pregnant for the first time.
  • Weakness due to anemia and you get exhausted very easily. You cannot do your routine work.
  • Excessive weight gain, recurrent vomiting sensation during first trimester etc are some other reasons of irritability.

You should also know how to deal with irritability during pregnancy as it is bound to occur in a mild degree due to hormonal changes:

  • Keep your mind calm and cool, listen to music, and watch movies and TV when you are free from work.
  • Sort out the misunderstandings with your colleague or partner or your relatives.
  • Yoga and meditation will help to relieve extreme irritability during pregnancy to a great extent.
  • You can read books on pregnancy, how to deal with it during the period. This will make you understand the situation better.
  • In any case you should not take anti depressive drugs or resort to smoking.
  • Eat well and sleep well. A healthy nutritious diet, taking 8 hours sleep with a nap in the afternoon is always better.

The cause of uterine irritability during pregnancy is not known, but the triggering factors which contribute it are lifting heavy things, having orgasms, stress, full bladder, urinary tract infections, constipation etc. Uterine irritability is contraction of uterus without any changes in cervix or labor; the contractions are not true contractions which are felt during the time of labor.

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