L-Lysine for Herpes: How Much L-Lysine for Herpes Treatment

Taking L-lysine supplements and eating foods that are rich sources of the amino acid, helps treat herpes effectively. L-lysine prevents and impedes the duplication of the virus. Clinical trials and studies that have been conducted, state that L-lysine supplementation reduces the frequency and intensity of outbreaks significantly.

How Much L-Lysine for Herpes

  • The dosage of the amino acid to be taken daily is very important.
  • The dose of L-lysine needed to manage the out-breaks, varies from individual to individual. The usual dosage, however, is around 500 mg per day, administered on an empty stomach. The dose for healing of the lesions is approximately 1 – 6 grams. It is essential that you visit your health care professional and seek his advice and opinion.
  • L-lysine supplementation definitely plays a pivotal role in the treatment and effective management of herpes. It reduces the frequency of development of sores and also diminishes the intensity appreciably.

L-Lysine for Herpes Treatment

  • Studies that a diet high in arginine will impede the healing process.
  • Arginine levels have an impact on the treatment procedure. Experts say that it is vital to cut down on arginine in the diet, and also keep the arginine : lysine ratio in a favorable range.
  • Step up your daily intake of the following foods. They are excellent sources of the amino acid L-lysine. Red meat, pork, poultry, Parmesan cheese, legumes, lentils, cod, sardines, soy, eggs, tofu, beans, and fenugreek seeds are good sources.

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