Level 2 Ultrasound: Cost and Accuracy of Level Two Ultrasound Test

Level 2 ultrasound is a detailed and accurate study of the fetus. It is a targeted ultrasound which measures the baby from head to rump. It also helps in knowing the gestational age.

Your gynecologist may advise level 2 ultrasound during second trimester of pregnancy. I.e. 18 to 22 weeks of pregnancy, though it can be performed any time during pregnancy.

Ideally all women should conduct level 2 ultrasound tests, especially women carrying twins.

Benefits of Level 2 Ultrasound

  • It is helpful in detecting developmental and genetic disorders.
  • It aids in detecting Down’s syndrome, trisomy 18, trisomy13 etc.
  • Level 2 ultrasound is useful when certain abnormalities are found in first ultrasound examination.
  • The sex of the baby can be determined with level 2 ultrasound.
  • The gestational age can be determined by level 2 ultrasound.
  • It detects any abnormalities related to heart and kidney, delayed growth, chroid plexus cyst.
  • In some cases the presence of genetic counselor is required during the examination.

Cost of Level 2 Ultrasound

  • The cost will depend primarily on the place, the doctor performing.
  • It can be done in a hospital or in a private clinic.
    If it is conducted in a hospital the charges may be around 200 US$. In a private set up, the sonologist may charge 250$ to 400$.

Accuracy of Level 2 Ultrasound

Accuracy of is dependent “time” when test is performed. Depending on the accuracy of the level 2 ultrasound, the further line of treatment is decided. If there are some abnormalities found, they can be rectified with medicine in early stage of the pregnancy.

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