List of Vitamins and What They Do For Body: What They Are Good For

Vitamins are vital components of the diet, and are indispensable for the normal functioning of the body. A deficiency of a particular vitamin causes a deficiency disease.

There are several vitamins, and each one plays a pivotal and crucial role in the working of the body.

The vitamins are divided in to 2 categories:

  • Water soluble: vitamins B and C.
    these are not stored in the body, and must be supplied by the diet every day.
  • Fat soluble: vitamins A, D, E and K. these are stored in the tissues of the body.

List of Vitamins and What They Do For Your Body

Vitamins are essential for a range of activities and functions in the body. They assist in the various chemical reactions and processes. Here is a list of vitamins, with their functions:

List of Vitamins and What They Are Good For

  • Vitamin A: optimal functioning of the immune mechanism, health vision and healthy skin and hair.
  • Vitamin B1: metabolic activity and healthy nerves
  • Vitamin B2: healthy vision, hair and skin, and normal development of RBCs
  • Vitamin B3: synthesis of hormones and metabolic activity
  • Vitamin B6: metabolism of proteins and fats, and synthesis of amino acids
  • Vitamin B9: synthesis of RBCs
  • Vitamin B12: production of RBCs and a healthy nervous system
  • Vitamin C: boosting immunity, healthy skin and hair, repair of wear and tear
  • Vitamin D: healthy bones and teeth
  • Vitamin E: boosting immune and defense mechanisms and healthy reproductive system.
  • Vitamin K: blood clotting

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