Liver Hemangioma Pain Symptoms: Surgery and Treatment Options

Hepatic hemangioma is a tumor / mass on the liver. It is not carcinogenic. By and large, they are present since birth. The mass is actually a clump of under-developed blood vessels. Invariably, symptoms do not become apparent, but, sometimes the hemangioma can enlarge, and cause severe symptoms and complications.

Liver Hemangioma Symptoms

  • Initially, the patient is asymptomatic, without any presenting symptoms; and the condition becomes known during routine examination / investigation.
  • As the mass enlarges, abdominal symptoms develop. Symptoms include: discomfort and pain in the abdomen (upper right side), no appetite, easy satiety and feeling full and bloated, nausea, vomiting and occasional dyspepsia.

Liver Hemangioma Treatment

  • If the condition is asymptomatic, without any troublesome symptoms, you don’t require treatment. The doctor may not prescribe any medications.
  • The mass is harmless and is not cancerous; there is no co-relation between hepatic hemangioma and cancer of the liver.
  • if, other the other hand, the mass becomes too large, it may has an influence on the adjacent organs.
    The doctor will examine you, make important investigations and decide on the line of treatment.
  • Treatment depends on how big the mass is, where exactly it is located and the intensity of the symptoms. Radiation therapy is a therapy of choice; it destroys the cells of the hemangioma.

Liver Hemangioma Surgery

  • Sometimes, surgical intervention may become vital to excise the hemangioma or to obstruct the flow of blood flow to the mass. Sometimes, a liver transplant may be required.

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