Meniscus Surgery: Cost and Recovery Time for Meniscus Surgery

Meniscus Surgery

The meniscus is a C-shaped filamentous disc that acts as a cushion at the knees. This can be torn in impact sports and in activities that require sudden starts, rapid pivots, jumps, and sudden stops – such as in sprint sports or hurdle running. A torn meniscus could require surgery to prevent further complications to the injured knee.

Meniscus Surgery

  • This surgery aims to correct the problem of the torn meniscus.
  • The complexity and length of the surgical procedure will depend on the extent of the problem and which part of the meniscus is affected. These will also depend on the type of injury that the meniscus was subjected to.
  • Surgery could either be meniscus repair or meniscectomy.
    • Meniscus repair works in patients whose tears do not affect the blood flow. As the name implies, the ailing portion will be repaired.
    • Meniscectomy works in patients with blood flow problems due to the tear. The ailing part is removed and the remaining portion is reformed.

Meniscus Surgery Recovery Time

  • The recovery time for a surgery on the meniscus will largely depend on the procedure done as well as the patient’s own healing time.
  • To aid the recovery process, the patient ideally undergoes physical therapy even before the procedure is done.
  • After the surgery, the patient should follow all the doctor’s instructions. Graduated physical therapy is done until the affected areas are fully healed.
  • The actual recovery time will really depend on the patient. Even those who start out with very similar conditions could heal weeks apart from each other.

Meniscus Surgery Cost

  • A meniscectomy is often more expensive than a meniscus repair as the former is often more complicated.
  • The final cost will also depend on a lot of factors, including the doctor’s fees and hospital fees.

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