Mini Face Lift: Cost and Recovery Time for Mini Face Lift

Mini Face Lifts

Also known as Weekend Facelifts or Quick Lifts, are procedures that give clients a younger look without having the significant downtime of a regular lift.

Some of the benefits of this procedure over others include:

  • It is a minor procedure

  • It is done outpatient

  • Patients see results the same day of the procedure

  • There is minimal downtime

What Is It, Exactly?

  • It is a type of facelift procedure that focuses on certain areas of the face, in particular the cheeks and jowl

  • It make use of small incisions, usually near the ears

  • The procedure may also take advantage of endoscopic facelift technologies

Mini Face Lift Procedure

  • There are two types of procedures, they include endoscopic and non-endoscopic

  • Endoscopic procedures involve using small incisions and an endoscope to remove excess fat and lift the face

  • Non-endoscopic procedures will have more continuous incisions

Mini Face Lift Recovery

The downtime is going to vary from patient to patient although some patients manage to return to work a few days after the procedure.

Who Are Candidates for this Procedure?

  • Individuals who are just begging to see signs of aging

  • Can be done for patients who are in their 30s or 40s

  • Ideal for patients who want to wait to get major surgery but still want to see the results of a lift

  • It is ideal for people who are experiencing minor sagging around the jowl area

Mini Face Lift Cost/Prices

The cost of a mini face lift is going to depend on several factors, they include:

  • City where the clinic is in

  • The clinic itself

  • The surgeon performing the procedure

  • Tools and materials used

  • The complexity of the procedure

In general, mini face lifts are going to be much cheaper than regular face lifts. Some procedure start at a several hundreds and they can also go up to thousands.

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