Negative Pregnancy Test but no Period: Missed Periods but not Pregnant

Negative Pregnancy Test but no Period

Pregnancy tests attempt to detect the presence of a hormone called the Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, in urine, which is released from the placenta after fertilization.

The sensitivity of a Urine pregnancy test is not very high, but undergoing blood examination can confirm the status.

Alternatively, repeat urine pregnancy test.

Negative Pregnancy Test but no Period and Pregnancy Symptoms

There are several reasons which are associated with menstrual irregularities.

  1. Stress or excessive exercise can result in menstrual irregularities and in such situations the pregnancy test would show negative results and one may not exhibit the signs of pregnancy
  2. Women suffering from thyroid disorders, which affect the body’s metabolism, can also result in menstrual irregularities. A simple blood test to evaluate the level of thyroid hormones can confirm the diagnosis.
  3. High levels of prolactin in the body are another reason for menstrual irregularity.

In all the situations, pregnancy test may be negative but you may not exhibit any signs of pregnancy, except for failure to menstruate on time

Negative Home and Blood Pregnancy Test but no Period

If repeated urine pregnancy tests or a blood pregnancy test are negative, it is not very likely that you are pregnant.

Hormonal disturbances or stress could be the cause for menstrual delay. You may also not exhibit any other signs of pregnancy like morning sickness or breast tenderness. Consult you gynecologist and try to find out the cause of the condition and get it treated effectively.

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