Night Sweats in Men Over 40, 50 and 60 Years: Treatment and Management

Night sweats in the summer is quite normal. On the other hand, sweating profusely, in the night, even during winters may be due to a host of factors.

Night Sweats In Men Over 40 Causes

The following are common causes:

  • Andropause: hormonal changes occur after 40 – 45 years.
  • The level of testosterone diminishes, consequently, this a manifesting feature.
  • Idiopathic Hyperhidrosis: i.e. there is no known cause
  • Alcoholism: excessive alcohol intake of alcohol.
  • Diseases: night sweats are common in certain medical conditions such as: cancer, T.B., bacterial infections, viral infections, AIDS, etc.
  • Stress: is a very common cause. Anxiety, worry, apprehension, fears, all trigger night sweats.
  • Diet: consuming excessive amounts of garlic, onions, red meat and spicy foods, especially at night, triggers sweating
  • Medicines: certain medicines / drugs are also known to cause night sweating

    Night Sweats in Men Over 40 Management

    • If you are experiencing night sweats frequently, and every night, or they tend to disturb sleep, it is necessary that you consult a physician.
    • Whilst sleeping, always wear light cotton clothes. Make sure that the room is well ventilated.
    • Do not consume a heavy meal, just before bed time. Have a light snack, which is not too heavily spiced. Stress management will go a very long way in helping fight the problem.
      Yoga, Pranayama and meditation are strongly recommended.
    • Even after lifestyle changes, the problem persists, get yourself examined and investigated, as per your doctor, and identify if there is any underlying medical condition.

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