Non Invasive Liposuction Cost: Non Surgical Liposuction Price

People crave for instant weight loss results of liposuction, but do not want to go under the knife for it. Luckily, there are now certain non invasive liposuction techniques that grant wonderful results.

Non Invasive Liposuction Techniques

The following are certain non surgical liposuction procedures:

  • Thermage: melts surplus flab using of a heated laser.
  • It causes the collagen to constrict and become taut. This procedure tightens the skin all over the body. Thermage is a highly successful, quick and pain free alternative to weight loss.
  • This causes the flab to melt and the components injected are eliminated through the urine. Lipodissolve is widely used, for body contouring. It eliminates all unwanted fat from the tummy, butt and face.
  • It gets rid of superfluous and unsightly fat, and also cellulite. Injections of amino acids and medicines are given to melt fat. This therapy is very efficient and practically painless.
  • Lipodissolve: an injection of certain enzymes and medicines are administered at areas where there is superfluous and undesirable fat.
  • Mesotherapy: is another effective non invasive therapy that has been well liked.

Non Surgical Liposuction Prices

Liposuction procedures tend to vary, depending up on the physician / surgeon, his experience, the procedure / technique, amount of fat to be eliminated, and the location. On an average, non invasive liposuction will cost you approximately $1,500

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