Oral HCG Side Effects: Ill Effects of Oral Human Choriogonadotropin

Oral hCG Side Effects

Oral hCG or human Choriogonadotropin is naturally produced by a pregnant woman. Still, it is also being used in various weight loss programs. In fact, it has also proved effective in inducing weight loss to many users. Still, as with any medication or supplement, this also comes with its side effects and disadvantages.

Oral hCG Side Effects

  • What makes oral hCG a wonderful tool in weight loss is that has very few side effects. These side effects rarely occur and have been reported only by a very small percentage of the hCG users.
  • One of the most common side effects reported by those who have used hCG is swelling on the injection site. This should heal by itself within the day or the next couple of days. If it does not show signs of healing after 1 week, have the site inspected by a medical professional.
  • Some patients may also experience depression, irritability, and restlessness.
  • Another very important side effect of hCG is weight loss – that is why it is being used as weigh loss supplement, of course.
    However, with prolonged use, it could lead to severe weight loss which could be harmful to one’s body.

Oral hCG Drops Side Effects

  • hCG drops could also cause headaches.
  • Still, many patients will have a smooth treatment procedure and very few rarely experience an allergic reaction to oral hCG drops.
  • However, an allergic reaction could still happen so it is best to watch out for signals such as hives, breathing difficulties, cough, and vomiting or diarrhea.

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    It is important to remember that if the side effect is severe, a medical professional should be contact immediately.

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