Palindromic Rheumatism: Severe Inflammatory Disorder of the Joints

Palindromic rheumatism is a rare type of inflammatory disorder of the joints. The disorder is characterized by rapid and severe inflammation of the joints majorly two to three joints at a given time.

The attacks of palindromic rheumatism are spontaneous and remain for a day or weeks, before disappearing suddenly.

The remission of symptoms may be for several days before its sudden appearance.

Although having similar manifestations, the major difference between palindromic rheumatism and rheumatic arthritis is; there is no permanent joint damage in palindromic rheumatism unlike rheumatoid arthritis.

Palindromic rheumatism affects large joints such as knee joint or hip joint, fingers and ankle joints.

Over a period of time, the frequency of the disease increases and palindromic rheumatism eventually leads to rheumatoid arthritis.

Men and women from 20 to 70 years are equally affected from palindromic rheumatism unlike RA, where women are more prone to the disease.

The cause of palindromic rheumatism is not known.

There is no specific treatment for palindromic rheumatism. But few home remedies can relieve the symptoms of rheumatism.

An ounce of raw potato juice early in the morning and in the evening can be an effective treatment in relieving symptoms of palindromic rheumatism.

Mix in warm water one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey; drink it early in the morning. it helps to decrease the inflammation of PR.

Deinking bitter gourd juice thrice in a week for few months is effective in treating rheumatism.

A few drops of rosemary drops in the bathtub before bathing is effective aromatherapy treatment for PR.

As with any rheumatism, diet rich in calcium, vitamins, phosphorus is very effective.

Include in your diet foods such as: green leafy vegetables, fruit juices freshly prepared, milk, potato, carrot, bananas etc.

Exposure to sunlight is helpful in producing vitamin D required for strengthening the bones.

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