Perky Breast: Tips to have and Maintain Perky Breast

No matter how young or old you are, it is every women’s desire to remain beautiful throughout her life. But nature has its own way, as a woman starts ageing, her physical appearance also change. These changes are observed from head to toe, and breast is no exception. Every woman desires a pair of firm and perky breast.

Not only a perky breast and great looking cleavage make her a center of attraction in men, but it also boosts her self confidence and self esteem.

Breast size fluctuate as they start to grow though the intensity varies; it may be due to nature’s gravity, due to weight gain and weight loss, pregnancy, lactation, hormonal changes, diet and genes. To maintain perky and firm breast, one has to follow some of the ideal methods.

  • Avoid crash diets and keep the weight stable.
  • Wear a proper fitting and right size bra, which support your breast.
  • Do not sleep on your abdomen, as you may put too much weight on your breast while sleeping.
  • Keep your breast skin well moisturized; avoid its exposure to direct sunlight. Apply natural oils and lotions to keep your breast skin moist.
  • A good posture always adds up to keep firm and perky breast.
  • Breast do not have muscles, therefore they do not get direct impact from the exercise, but indirectly pushups, bench press and other work outs help the pectoral muscles to develop. Besides the posture also improves.
  • Perky breast implant is another cosmetic choice a woman can opt for. It is a surgical procedure, where silicon or saline implants are fitted below the breast by making an incision. Doctors employ customized corrective approach to every woman and enhance her appearance with the help of this plastic surgery.

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