Pimples from Sweat: Stop Sweat Related Acnes Growth

Pimples are one of the common problems amongst those who have oily skin.  Pimples due to sweat can arise because of exercising. According to the recent studies acne and sweat are not directly related. Sweating does not necessarily create acne. Sweat glands create sweat as a natural body process to keep our body temperature cool.  Pimples develop when excessive oil gets trapped in the hair follicles in your pores.

Sweat related acnes are common in many areas of your body which is caused due to friction.

There are many Ways to get Rid of the Pimples caused due to Sweat.

  • Take a shower after your exercise. Trapped bacteria and dust in the pores will get cleaned by taking a shower after an exercise.
  • Wash your face twice in a day. It is the usual site of developing sweat pimples.
  • You should always wash and clean your exercise apparels after it has been used. As the sweat, oil and dust is always in it. These soiled garments will later worsen the pimples and other skin condition if not washed properly.
  • Wear lose clothing while you exercise or cotton clothes if you sweat a lot. This will absorb the sweat easily and will not allow the pores to get blocked.
  • Dermatologist may prescribe oral medication and antibiotics to clear the acne from sweat.
  • Sweat is not your best friend when you are suffering from acne, and therefore you should avoid it as far as possible. Try doing yoga instead of rigorous exercise, as it will produce less sweat.
  • Drink enough water to get rid of the nasty toxins.

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