Protein Diet for Women: Low Carb High Protein Diet for Women

Protein diet for women is an easy way to lose weight; of course it should be complemented with exercise. High protein diet fuels the muscles development and helps to burn fats. A woman, who pursues to keep her body in shape and shed those extra fats, can try protein diet for a short term.

Protein requirement for women is 1.2 grams per pound in a day. The source of food protein can be a mix of vegetable and non vegetable food. Among the animal protein meat, poultry, egg and fish are considered rich source and legumes, beans, soy and tofu are rich vegetarian source of protein.

Protein diet for women benefits not only in keeping her weight under control, it is also essential in building a good immune system. A healthy immune system protects her from various bacteria, viruses and harmful organisms. It also helps to build her muscles and bones.

There is no doubt that protein diet will give her the most needed energy boost, but it will also keep her away from the junk food.

Some of the sample protein diets for women which are easily available that she can incorporate in her regular food are given below:

Non Vegetarian Food

Eggs, chicken, meat, tuna fish, turkey, beef etc.

Vegetarian Protein Diet

Beans, nuts and dry fruit, whey proteins, natural peanut butter, lentils, salads, tofu, yogurt, broccoli, eggplant, cereals and food grains, low fat milk, low fat cheese etc.

When you are on high protein diet to reduce weight you should consume low fat food. Avoid fried food, dough food such as pizza, pasta or bread. Sweets and puddings and cakes are strictly no -no.

For the morning you can have a breakfast a glass of yogurt, at 10 am tomatoes or cucumbers and cottage cheese. In the afternoon meal you can have grilled chicken and salads, at 4pm you can have a snack of egg white and salad, at 7pm you can eat baked meat or fish and salad and late in night a tofu soup will suffice.

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