Psychological Impotence: Causes & Treatment for Psychological Impotence

A mild degree of anxiety, depression job stress, preoccupation or fatigue can result into psychological impotence in many persons. Of course it is a temporary phenomenon. Most men will experience psychological impotence at some time in their life.

Psychological impotence account for at least 90% of cases of impotence, the remainder is due to physical conditions.

Impotence is a condition where a man is unable to achieve and maintain penile erection required during satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Among the causes of psychological impotency, stress plays an important role. It is the leading cause of psychological impotence. In today’s hectic life style stress of job, finance, marital and social surroundings, play an important role in your sexual health. Many men experience loss of libido when they are excessively stressed, but as it said previously it is transient. Once the stress is reduced, the person can achieve full erection.

The other reason which causes psychological impotency can be due to prescription drugs used to treat depression and anxiety.

Depression and anxiety are also the reasons for psychological impotence. However impotence itself can become a cause of anxiety and depression.

Religious orthodoxy, gender identity conflict, ignorance of sex act are other factors contributuing to psychological impotence.


  • Recently invented modern medicine sildenafil citrate is useful in psychological impotency. But it should always be taken on physician advice, as some of the side effects are life threatening. Heart patients and hypertensive should not take this drug.
  • The other herbs gingko and ginseng, are considered to be useful in erectile dysfunction. They improve blood circulation in penile region.
  • Stop tobacco and reduce your alcohol intake. Take a morning walk as it will keep you fit and reduce the stress.
  • Psychiatric examination of both the partners to assess the quality of their relationship is essential.

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