Rash from Sweat: Why does Sweating cause Itchy Rash?

Rash from sweat is a common condition prevalent in tropics, due to hot and humid climate. Children and toddlers are more vulnerable to skin rash from sweating, as their sweat glands are not well developed.

Skin rash caused from sweating is also known as milaria or prickly heat.

Skin rash due to sweating usually occurs where there is more skin friction. It is especially seen in arms and underarms, neck and groins and between the legs.

In adults aside from prickly heat, rash can be due to fungal disease. Several names such as pityriasis versicolor or Candida yeast infection are given to these fungal infections. Fungus thrives in moist and humid environment, sweating in the folds usually facilitates its growth as the area becomes suitable for the fungus.

Symptoms of rash from sweat may include itchy red papules causing prickling sensation. The rash may be generalized, that is it occurs all over the body or localized that means it occurs in selected areas, where there is more moisture and sweat.

Itchy rash from sweating causes considerable discomfort to an individual. Together with itching there may be burning sensation and swelling. Bacterial infection sets in if not treated on time in some cases.

Treatment of skin rash from sweating is usually simple and basic. When followed properly there are less chances of suffering from the dire consequences such as fungal infection and bacterial skin infection.

Wearing loose clothing and cotton clothing is essential when you suffer from rash from sweat. It allows free air movement and dries the area quickly.

Avoid overcrowded places; avoid direct sun till you feel relieved from rash symptoms. Cool and fresh climate will definitely benefit and soothe the itchy skin.

Applying calamine lotion for prickly heat is beneficial. Whereas anti fungal lotion and ointment brings relief from Candida yeast infection.

Drinking enough water will benefit in summer season and hydrate the dry skin.

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