Resistance Band Exercises, Workout and Training for Women and Females

What is Resistance Band Exercises or Workout?

  • Resistance band exercises are extensively used for building strength and rehabilitation / injury prevention.
  • These exercises are most suited for home-exercise regimens and are effortlessly integrated in to a circuit training to help the cardio-vascular system as well as reinforcing definite groups of muscles.
  • Resistance tubing is adjustable and various exercises can be created and performed with no extra equipment.
  • Small groups of muscles that are difficult to work on can be targeted with resistance training. This makes it an attractive option for athletic conditioning.
  • The adaptability and usefulness of resistance band exercises permits athletes to emulate the movement-patterns in their sport, with changing amount of resistance.

Resistance Band Workout Routine for Women

  • Resistance band exercises ought to be done slowly, leisurely and under control.
  • Commence with the band at the start of tension which gradually increases as you do the exercise. To make the training difficult, shorten the segment of the band, to raise the tension.

Full Body Resistance Band Training for Women

  • This resistance band exercises is suited for intermediate / advanced exercisers and helps the entire body.
  • This work-out concentrates on stamina and tolerance, so alter the position of the hand or the body to get maximum tension from every move.
  • Intermediate: 2 sets of 16 repetitions, 3 times per week, with 1 day rest in-between.
  • Advanced: 3 sets of 16 repetitions, 3 times per week, with 1 day rest in-between.
  • Resistance band exercises include: Alternating Chest Presses, Resisted Push-ups. Lateral Pulls, Overhead Presses, Squats, Lunges, Triceps, Biceps and Butt Toners.
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