Ringworm in Babies: How to Treat Ringworm in Children

Ringworm is a type of fungal infection often found on the skin of babies and adults. It is also common in pets. As ringworm is contagious, it can spread from direct contact or use of objects commonly shared. E.g. hair brush, towels, clothes etc.

Ringworm on scalp of babies is called Tinea capitis.

Ringworm on other parts of baby’s body is called Tinea corporis.

Ringworm infection is typically ring shaped lesion with an active process around the healed center. The lesions tend to spread with central clearing.  Lesions begin as one or more irregular slightly raised scaly patches that are covered with small vesicles. At times it is itchy.

Causes of Ringworm in Babies

Fungal infections are common in babies as their immune system is not well developed. Excessive sweating and moisture help ringworm to grow. Common sharing of hairbrush, hats, clothes, proximity to pets suffering from ringworm makes your child more vulnerable to contract the fungal infection such as ringworm. Chances of contracting ringworm from swimming pool area increases if your child walks barefoot in that area.

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Treatment for Ringworm in Babies

  • Local application of antifungal ointment is usually advised by physicians for the baby suffering from ringworm infection. Apply the ointment till the lesion is healed, which may take a week or two. To ensure its total removal you can apply it for another week.
  • Home remedies for ringworm in babies are also useful. Lavender oil mixed with base oil and applied on the ringworm patch regularly is very effective cure.
  • Tea tree oil is aromatherapy oil used effectively in treating ringworm in kids.
  • Rubbing slices of raw papaya on ringworm lesions is also effective way to cure the disease in babies.
  • A paste made from papaya seeds and applied on ringworm is beneficial in kids suffering from ringworm of scalp.

Prevention: Ensure that your pet is not suffering from ringworm. Keep a separate set of hairbrush for your child. Ensure that he always wears shoes while going out.

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