Ringworm Rash: Is Ringworm Rash Contagious?

Ringworm rash is a fungal infection of skin. Ringworm rash can occur in the groin area, which is called jock itch. Ringworm rash in between the toe webs is called athletes foot, and ringworm of nails is known as tinea ungium, ringworm occurring on scalp is known as tinea capitis.

Ringworm rash is diagnosed by the presence of itchy, well defined, pigmented, slightly scaly patch with microvesicular border.

The fungi thrive best in moisture, and areas which are hot and hidden from light. Hence groin, waist, toe webs, scalp, and nails are most favored sites for ringworm fungi. It feeds on keratin present in them.

Children, young and adults all are susceptible to ringworm infection. Obese persons and diabetics are more prone to get fungus infection. Persons suffering from eczema also have the tendency to get the infection more easily. Its genetic predisposition is also noted in medical survey.

Ringworm rash is contagious; it spreads when a normal person comes in contact with a person suffering from ringworm. It can also spread from an infected pet animal while handling the pet. Sharing things such as hairbrush, clothes, towels, sports gear, beddings, and combs infected with person suffering from ringworm rash.


  • Topical application of anti fungal ointment at bed time.
  • After bath, antifungal powder should be sprayed in the morning or a antifungal solution may be applied because it does not stain the clothes.
  • In some cases the doctor may prescribe anti fungal tablets. It is usually reserved for resistant cases or in tinea infection of hair or nails.
  • Certain home remedies are also effective, a raw papaya slice applied on the ringworm rash twice in a day.
  • Applying tea tree oil is also effective for ringworm rash.

To prevent ringworm rash, body folds should be kept dry, the clothes should be changed every day and bath towel should be washed daily. Treat your pets if they are suffering from ringworm disease.

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