Ruptured Disc Symptoms: Simple Exercise to Treat Ruptured Disc

Ruptured Disc Symptoms

A ruptured disc ailment is simply the medical condition wherein any of the patient’s vertebrae have been herniated from its supposed position. This is also known by many names, including slipped disc and spinal disc herniation.

Ruptured Disc Symptoms

Because patients should understand their ailment so that they could seek help, it is also very important to know more about the symptoms of a ruptured disc.

The following are just some of the symptoms of ruptured disc condition.

  • Pain that affects the neck, shoulders, and upper arms is usually caused by a ruptured disc on the upper part of the spinal column.
  • Pain on the hips, lower back, and legs is often caused by ruptured disc in the lower vertebrae.
  • The patient could also experience a tingling of certain portions of the body, paralysis, numbness, and muscle spasms.

Ruptured Disc Treatment

  • The treatment will actually depend on the severity of the ailment and what is affected. If the ruptured disc has protruded and causes a lot of pain and possible future problems, it might have to be surgically corrected.
  • Sometimes, anti-inflammatory medications and pain relievers can heal the problem if it is just minor.

Ruptured Disc Surgery

  • Surgery for a ruptured disc is a popular option to correct the problem.
  • After the surgery, anti-inflammatory medications, pain killers, and antibiotics are often given to the patient.

Ruptured Disc Treatment Exercises

  • Physical therapy is considered to be among the most effective treatments for ruptured disc. This can help the patient who has undergone surgery but could also be helpful to those who do not need surgery.
  • Other non-surgery treatments are often considered for mild cases. In fact, many non-invasive procedures are already available that provide a high success rate, faster healing, and improved safety.

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