Scabies Skin Rash and Lesions: Treatment for Scabies Skin Scraping and Rashes

Scabies rash is a highly infectious disease, caused by the scabies mite. The mite cannot live longer than 3 days in the absence of a human host, and lives for 1 month in man.

Scabies Skin Lesions

  • The clinical manifestations of the disorder are constant and severe itching, particularly at night.
    A characteristic feature is that all the members of the family are experiencing the same complaint.
  • Scabies lesions look like pimples. The skin becomes red and turns sore because of the constant scratching. Open sores are vulnerable to bacterial infection. You may also see a tunnel like track that signifies the movement of the scabies mite under the skin.
  • By and large, scabies occurs in various cracks of the body, like, in between the toes and fingers, elbows, the buttocks, abdominal area, the genitals, and under the breasts in women.

Scabies Skin Rash Treatment

  • Remember the following guidelines to manage scabies and prevent a spread of the infection:
  • Wash all clothing, bed linen, napkins, and towels in hot water.
    Mites can remain alive in non-living things as well, thus, keep all objects that cannot be washed in the machine like, toys, combs, brushes, etc in a separate bag and keep aside for about 10 days.
  • Visiting the doctor is important. He will prescribe drugs to manage the lesions and reduce the itching and soreness.
  • Anti-histamine drugs may be prescribed by your physician / you may get them over the counter.
  • Keep nails very short, and clean them thoroughly to get rid of mites / their eggs
  • Vacuum clean coats, rugs, bedding, comforters, furniture, and cars.
  • Do not scratch. Maintain utmost hygiene and ensure that the lesions are clean.

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