Severe Back Pain during Pregnancy: Pregnancy and Back Pain

Severe Back Pain during Pregnancy

Back pain during pregnancy is a common condition. The intensity of the pain varies from one woman to another, and is dependent on the baby’s weight. Never neglect a back pain. Visit your gynecologist and take her advice.

Causes of Severe Back Pain during Pregnancy

  • Obesity and over weighted-ness causes backache.
  • Changes in the hormonal profile are an important cause. During pregnancy, relaxin hormone levels increase, thus, causing the ligaments in the pelvis to become soft and the joints to smoothen. These changes cause a backache.
  • The back supports the baby’s weight in addition to your weight; this causes severe back pain during pregnancy.
  • The back posture changes, because the center of gravity shifts, leading to back pain.
  • Exertion and over work during pregnancy is another chief cause.
  • Occasionally, sciatica develops during pregnancy. This occurs when the sciatic nerve gets impinged / compressed; resulting in pain in the lower back, back of the thighs and calves.
  • As the date of delivery draws closer, back-labor pains start.

Severe Back Pain during Pregnancy First Trimester Treatment

  • Yoga is strongly recommended for back pain. However, ensure that you star the asanas during the first phase of the pregnancy itself, so that the body gets used to the stretches and exercises.
  • Do not wear high heels.
  • Maintain good posture. Do not slouch or sit at one place for a prolonged period. Stretch yourself every hour.
  • Never exert yourself. You must take adequate rest.
  • Acupressure is yet another effective therapy. Visit an acupressure therapist. Acupressure helps alleviate back pains effortlessly.
  • Massage therapy is also advocated. But, make sure, you visit an experienced masseuse.
  • Sleep on your left side. It helps.
  • Visiting your gynecologist is definitely recommended.

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