Stomach Fat Burning Foods: Foods that Burn Belly Fat

Stomach Fat Burning Foods

Here are some of the foods that will help burn down extra fat deposits in the abdomen,

  1. Eggs: Eggs are high in proteins and can help burn down unwanted fat from the body. Recent studies have shown that eggs don’t affect the cholesterol requirement of the body.
    Further eggs contain Vitamin B12 which is an essential supplement to break down extra fat
  2. Low fat diary foods: In a study published in Obesity Research, non fat yogurt and low fat milk can increase the ability to lose weight about three to four times faster. Further diary products also provide calcium which works towards strengthening the bones
  3. Beans: Beans are rich in proteins, fiber and iron and are effective in helping weight loss
  4. Olive oil and whole grain also aid in the process of losing extra fat and improve the gastro-intestinal functions

Stomach Fat Burning Workouts

Simple workouts like crunches, leg lift, jogging, etc helps in burning down the extra fat in the body. They further tone the abdominal muscles which provides a lean and more attractive shape to the body

Stomach Fat Burning Exercises

Jump rope has been found to be the most safe and effective technique of losing belly fat. There are certain precautionary measures one needs to be aware of while using the jump rope.

Always ensure that the rope is of the correct size and always land on the balls of your feet. This will aid in loosing weight quickly.

In addition to jump rope, push ups are an important and effective technique to tone up the upper body and abdominal muscles. Alternating jump rope with pushups will help in losing weight. Don’t overdo these exercises. A 15 minute exercise regimen is effective in ascertaining weight loss.

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