Uterine Cysts: Symptoms and Cure for Fluid Filled Cysts in Uterine

Uterine Cysts

Uterine cysts also referred to as nabothian cysts, are little sacs filled with fluid often found in the lower part of the uterus or the cervix. They affect women especially during the child bearing age and occasionally during menopause. These cysts interfere with the process of conception and are often the cause of infertility. The cause of the uterine cysts remains unknown, but is often associated with bacterial infection.

Uterine Cysts Symptoms

The symptoms associated with uterine cysts depend upon the size of the cyst. Smaller cysts are often asymptomatic but larger cysts tend to present with the following symptoms,

  1. Pain in the lower abdominal and pelvic region
  2. Constant discomfort aggravated during sexual intercourse
  3. Vaginal discharge
  4. Irregular bleeding and menstrual irregularities

Uterine cysts obstruct the passage of the sperms from the cervix to the uterus which interferes with a female’s ability to conceive.

Uterine Cysts Treatment

Most of the uterine cysts are normally self limiting and tend to dissolve within a period of two to three months. However in case of large cysts that interfere with the ability of a couple of conceive surgical intervention is mandated.

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Here are Some Alternative Therapies that can be used to manage Cysts

  1. Homeopathic drugs like Pulsatilla and Silicea taken frequently in low potency can help resolve the condition effectively.
  2. Sitz bath is considered extremely effective in preventing the occurrence of cysts. Sit for about 15 minutes in a tub of warm water and add a few drops of a gentle skin disinfectant, with the genitals exposed. Sitz bath irrigates the reproductive tract and prevents bacterial infection.

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