When is the Best Time to get Pregnant: How to get Pregnant Fast

When the best time to get pregnant is a big issue faced by many couples worldwide. With 20 to 30% being the average chance to become pregnant during each cycle, is indeed a stressful and frustrating situation for lot of couples trying for a baby.

There are physiological changes occurring in woman during ovulation in each menstrual cycle. Couples should take advantage of it when they want a child.

Ovulation period is the best time in a menstrual cycle where the chances of fertility are highest. It is the time when the ovum or the egg is released from the follicles of the ovary into the fallopian tube.  For 12 to 24 hours the egg is ready to get fertilized by the sperm, if it does not occur then it degenerates in the uterus. So how would you know the exact time?

  • Considering your cycle to be regular of 28 days, your ovulation time is 14th day before the next menstrual cycle (28 minus 14=14). If your cycle is of 30 days than the estimated ovulation day would be 16th of menstrual cycle (30 minus14=16). (Day 1 is considered as the first day when your last menstrual cycle began). This is considered to be best estimated time to get pregnant provided you have a regular cycle.
  • Measuring basal body temperature every day is other method to know the best time to get pregnant. You can make a chart for measuring body temperature each day with basal body thermometer. There is a minimal rise of temperature of 0.4 to 1 degree Fahrenheit during ovulation time. Conception can take place if you have intercourse at or nearby these days of ovulation.
  • During the ovulation time your cervical mucus becomes more slippery like a white of an egg. It is best time to get pregnant if you have intercourse nearby these days.

There is no scientific method to predict when the best time to get a girl or a boy is. With an exception to artificial insemination the chances are 50/50.

Folk tales suggest conceiving a baby girl you should make love in the afternoon, have intercourse on even numbered days, and eat fish and vegetables followed by a chocolate dessert.

According to folk tales; to conceive a baby boy; you have to make love on the odd days of the month. Have intercourse at night. Eat more of red meat, salty snacks and drink colas.

According to experts these legends are false. There is no harm in trying it if your wish for a baby girl or a baby boy is very intense.

Other method is Chinese conception chart.

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