Where is your Appendix Located: Appendix Shape & Body Location

Appendix is located at the ileocecal junction in your body. Ileum is a part of the small intestine where as cecum is the part of large intestine, appendix is situated at the junction where the two meet together.

Appendix is present in the right lower quadrant of the abdomen, which in medical terms is also called right iliac fossa.

If you draw an imaginary line one vertical and other horizontal at the umbilicus, the abdomen will be divided in four quadrants, and the right lower quadrant is the site where you will have your appendix located normally.

Appendix is a 3 inches to 4 inches long rudimentary organ at the ileocecal junction. The function of appendix is not properly known by researchers, and therefore it is labeled as rudimentary.

The location of appendix makes it vulnerable to infection and inflammation. Infection and inflammation occurs when a fecolith or a small intestine worm blocks the lumen of the appendix.

Inflammation of appendix may cause pain in the abdomen; this pain is situated in the right iliac fossa.

The classical feature in some cases is that, the pain can be pinpointed at macburney’s point. It is situated between the umbilicus and upper part of the right iliac bone called iliac crest.

Vomiting and fever are other symptoms for appendicitis.  When the inflammation and infection of appendix sets in, the abdomen becomes tender to touch especially the right iliac fossa, gradually the abdomen becomes rigid to touch and stony hard. In medical terms it is called rigidity and guarding.

The condition is called acute appendicitis. If detected early with clinical perception of the physician, aided by blood tests and sonogram, surgical removal is often recommended.

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