What are the Natural Alternatives Instead of Abortion

Unwanted pregnancies and teenage pregnancies are usually the root cause of abortion. However, to those who feel that there is no other option other than abortion, there actually is. There are organizations that are willing to help and support troubled and pregnant women. Commonly enough, women who have undergone abortion have reported that if they were given alternatives, they would not have chosen abortion.

  • Simply put, abortion refers to an abrupt ending of pregnancy.
  • Women who have undergone abortion are usually those that are victims of unwanted pregnancies or teenage pregnancies.
  • Sadly, there are medications as well as medical practitioners that aid in the process of abortion.
  • Fortunately, there are equally as many organizations that move to help present alternatives that pregnant women can choose other than abortion.

What are Some Alternatives to Abortion?

Here are some alternatives that women can choose before deciding on abortion:

  • Marriage – marrying the partner of the pregnancy. Women have an increased likelihood of not going through abortion if they have a partner they can gain strength and security from throughout the whole ordeal of pregnancy.
  • Single parenting – carrying the fetus until term and caring for the baby as a single parent.
  • Adoption – there are a lot of available men and women who would be willing to adopt and care for a newborn child.
  • Support groups – there are support groups that pregnant women can join to help gain strength as well as equipment of knowledge needed in order to carry the fetus to full term.

Positive Alternatives to Abortion

  • This refers to a mandate by law that specifically states that pregnant women facing an unexpected pregnancy be supported and assisted as much as possible.
  • This grant is inclusive of medical care, housing assistance, nutritional assistance, adoption service, education assistance, employment assistance, assistance with child care, parent education, as well as support services.

Natural Alternatives Available Instead of Abortion

  • Sometimes an abortion is necessary in order to save the life of the pregnant mother but this should only be decided by a licensed physician.
  • If abortion is necessary, there are natural alternatives that can assist with the process.
  • These natural alternatives are composed of medicinal herbs that induce early labor.

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