Is Aphogee Protein Treatment Effective for Damaged Hair?

Aphogee treatment for damaged hair is an intensive protein treatment which is used to mend the damaged hair caused by day to day handling and chemical treatments for different styling. It is particularly useful when your hair has become weak and thin and breaks easily due to frequent dyeing, chemical curling or making it straight.

The best time to use aphogee treatment for damaged hair is a week before you undergo the chemical process of curling or dyeing your hairs. However it can be used one or two weeks after the chemical process on your hairs.

As mentioned earlier, aphogee treatment for damaged hair is a protein based product used for reconstructing the damaged hair. It reinforces and patches the weak strands of hair in the areas where they are most vulnerable. It works effectively on thin hairs and the hairs that break. After applying aphogee treatment it strengthens the hair and prevents them from further breaking. After applying aphogee treatment, the hair is allowed to dry and get hard, you can use a hair dryer or for that purpose a hooded hair dryer is good as it does not move the hairs when it dries your hair.

You should not manipulate your hairs or try to comb your hairs during this period.  Because aphogee treatment makes your hair rock hard and combing can break the thin hairs after its application.

Aphogee treatment for damaged hair contains proteins and magnesium that bind the weak strands of hair very strongly. As apogee treatment is very strong and potent; it should be used less frequently or after every two months. To get the best result, use a strong moisturizer for deep conditioning after applying aphogee treatment for damaged hairs.

Let us Know How to use Aphogee Treatment for Damaged Hairs

  • Use Aphogee shampoo to wash your hairs, and dry them with the help of a towel.
  • Apply the aphogee treatment for damaged hair to each and every strand; use a wide toothed comb so that it spreads all over the hair till its end.
  • Now dry your hair with the help of a hooded dryer set on medium heat. The aphogee treatment hardens as it gets dried. Do not comb your hairs while drying or else your hairs will break.
  • Now rinse your hair with warm water so that no trace of aphogee treatment left.
  • Apply aphogee moisturizer; the normal acidic pH of the hair will be restored with its use and your hair will become elastic as they were before.
  • Now rinse again with plain warm water so that you can style your hair the way you want.

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