Is Baking Soda an Effective Home Remedies for Gas?

In today’s world, there are already countless medicines for most illnesses. Still, there are common, everyday items that never cease to amaze and are great alternatives in the field of medicine. Among these is baking soda.

Baking Soda Home Remedies

  • Baking soda or Bicarbonate of soda is a common item in most of the kitchens across America, Europe, and the rest of the world.
    This white powder is very useful in the kitchen and as a home remedy.
  • It may be used alone but often with water and other liquids.
  • This versatile home remedy can be used for the following ailments:
    • Heartburn. This is caused by too much digestive acids, something that baking soda can help neutralize.
    • Rashes. Baking soda can be added into bath water to help soothe irritated skin.
    • Heat rash and sunburn. As with the use in rashes, baking soda can be added into the bathwater.
    • Splinters.
    • Foul body and foot odor.
    • Upset stomach and gas or flatulence.
    • Mouth ulcers, sore throats, and other oral problems.
    • Hives, insect bites, and itching caused by allergic reactions.
  • Baking soda could actually be used to erase sunspots and age spots.
  • Of course, the list does not stop there as there are still plenty of ailments and conditions that can be alleviated by baking soda.

Baking Soda Home Remedies for Gas

Gas problems can be very painful and, of course embarrassing. Don’t worry. Baking soda is a very useful remedy to treat this problem. To be able to do this, the following mixture can be concocted to help with gas problems:

  • Fill a cup with water.
  • Mix juice from a piece of lemon with baking soda. Make sure to remove the seeds from the lemon before juicing.
  • Add salt into the mixture.
  • This mixture is taken as needed or even as preventive measure to those who wish to eat a gas-promoting meal.

Baking Soda Home Remedies for Upset Stomach

  • Natural remedies to cure common ailments such as an upset stomach allow the patient to save on doctor’s bills and prescription medications.
  • An upset stomach is one the common ailments that can be alleviated by baking soda. Baking soda may be mixed with water and some oils to provide relief.
  • Baking soda has naturally soothing properties, offering fast relief and the least side effects.

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