Can Cranberry Juice Really Cure Urinary Tract Infection(UTI)

Much attention and information has surfaced about cranberry juice being a natural remedy to infections in the urinary tract, but one question remains, can cranberry juice really cure a UTI?

Research Shows Cranberry Juice can Cure Urinary Tract Infection

  • Cranberry has tannins that works like an astringent and when combined with fructose, acts as a natural barrier against bacteria.
  • The molecular forces present in cranberry juice can help fight off E. Coli bacteria, which causes most bladder infections.
  • Cranberry juice can cling onto the bladder through hook-like structures, forcing the bacteria to detach itself from the bladder.
  • The juice also increased the frequency of urine flow in order to flush out the germs that caused the infection.

Does Cranberry Juice Cure a UTI on its own?

  • No strong research studies support the fact that cranberry juice is the most effective treatment to urinary tract infections.
  • Along with antibiotics treatment, cranberry juice can help in cleansing the bladder of the bacteria or germs.
  • Steady dosage of antibiotics is imperative to treat the bladder infection.
  • Pain relievers can be prescribed for those who need it.

Recommended Dosage of Cranberry Juice UTI Treatment

  • Make sure the cranberry juice is of excellent quality and 100% juice.
  • Three or more ounces of cranberry juice taken everyday is enough as a healing aid for urinary tract infections.
  • If pure cranberry juice is hard to come by, the capsule form will do.
  • Consult the doctor first before having the cranberry juice treatment. It may interact with other medicines prescribed for other existing diseases like kidney ailments.

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