Home Remedies For Dry Cuticles: What Causes Dry Nail Cuticles

It is said that if you want to know how healthy the person is, watch his nails, because most of the time people having poor health will have some kind of nail problems. Aesthetic aside, a healthy finger nail protects the finger tips and soft tissue surrounding it from injuries. Nail care is most important during winter, as often your cuticle become dry and cracked during this period.

What Causes Dry Nail Cuticles?

Some of the other factors where the nail cuticle gets dry and damaged are due to prolonged exposure of nails to water, detergents and chemicals. If you find the nail cuticle getting peeled, you should not neglect it and pay attention to restore its health.

Other causes of dry cuticle can be sign of poor diet and malnourishment, thyroid problems also affects the cuticle and makes the cuticle dry and peel off.

Dry skin can also cause dry cuticle which causes ragged edges and infection. The cuticle can become red and bleed when the injury is severe.

Home Remedies For Dry Cuticles

Dry cuticles can be treated with two modalities either by using costly beauty products which may sometimes turn harmful or with simple home remedies that are cost effective and harmless.

  • Rub the damaged cuticle area with the use of natural acids. Vinegar and lemon juice when applied to the dry and damaged cuticle area can peel off the dead cuticle naturally. While keeping the healthy cuticle as it is.
  • Do not rip the healthy cuticle as the bacteria and fungi can easily enter in the gap between the skin and the nail.
  • Put your fingers in a bowl containing water, a teaspoon of vinegar, and a teaspoon of lemon juice. Keep your fingers in the bowl for 10 to 15 minutes. After that rinse your finger with plain water and exfoliate the dead cuticles with rubbing sugar.
  • Vitamin E oil is the best dry cuticle home remedy. Apply vitamin E oil on your dry cuticles and finger tips regularly. It helps to moisturize and hydrate the cuticle and make it smooth and supple.
  • A mix of aloe oil and tea tree oil is also useful. Apply it over the cuticles and the finger tips at night. Tea tree oil prevents infection and aloe oil moisturizes the cuticle.
  • Do not use nail polishes, nail hardeners and other cosmetic nail products they are known to cause dry cuticle problem.
  • To moisturize the dry cuticle, the best home remedy useful all round the year is milk. Apply milk to on the dry cuticle twice in a day.
  • Eat right food with all the vitamins and minerals in it for overall healthy body.
  • Wear gloves while washing and doing other household work with detergents.

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