Epilepsy Home Remedies And Natural Treatment: Causes And Symptoms

The brain tissue comprises of several neurons which communicate to each other through electrical signals. Abnormalities in the generation of these electrical signs or transmission routes may result in epileptic attacks. Epilepsy can be classified based on their severity, their frequency and their symptomatic presentation

Causes Of Epilepsy

The primary cause of epileptic attack is associated with electrical malfunction in the brain cells.

There are several factors that are responsible for this electrical malfunctioning,

  • Head Injury or damage to the brain cells as a result of trauma is a common cause of epilepsy
  • Gastrointestinal toxemia or digestive disturbances are also associated with epileptic attacks
  • Epilepsy has also been found to be associated with alcoholism, drug abuse, lead poisoning, etc
  • Low blood pressure levels can also result in an epileptic attack
  • Deficiency of certain minerals like calcium and magnesium are closely linked with epileptic episodes

Symptoms Of Epilepsy

Though all cases of epileptic attacks may not manifest in the same format, the symptoms associated with epilepsy include,

  • Generalized seizures are associated with twitching of the eyes, rigidness of the various muscles due to loss of muscle control which in turn may cause loss in balance, loss of consciousness. Occasionally the individual may lose bladder and bowel control during the episode. Following an attack the individual may immediately recover and may have no recollection of the symptoms
  • Partial or focal seizures may be associated with motor rigidity but without the loss of consciousness.
    The individual is often aware of the seizure but has no muscle control
  • Absence seizures are associated with loss of consciousness and twitching of the eyes. Absence seizures can occur several times during the day and last for a few seconds only. There is however no loss of muscle control.

Natural Home Remedies For Epilepsy Treatment

Some home based remedies are effective in the management of epilepsy.

  • Ash gourd is a vegetable which supplies essential nutrients to normalize the chemical imbalance in the brain. Juice of ash gourd is found to be particularly effective. Mixture of freshly squeezed ash gourd juice along with licorice root powder and sugar can be a tasteful health drink
  • Garlic cloves consumed with milk or water is considered very effective. Garlic can either be consumed directly or garlic juice can be extracted and consumed with milk.
  • Brahmi herb or bacopa monniera leaves when consumed with water have been found to be helpful in controlling seizures

There are certain lifestyle modifications that can be very helpful in controlling epilepsy. These include,

  • Smoking and consumption of alcohol have been known to interfere with normal brain functioning.  They transcend the blood brain barrier and can enter into the brain tissues very easily which is also associated with increased possibility of seizures
  • A balanced diet is very helpful and would minimize the incidence of epileptic attacks
  • Meditation and yoga are very effective in reducing stress. Yoga helps in secretion of endorphins which are essential to regularize the functioning of the brain.

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