Effective Exercise to Flatten Stomach for Men and Women in 2 Weeks

To shed off excess weight in the abdomen area, there are simple exercises to flatten the stomach. As one matures, he or she becomes more prone to weight gain. With a regular exercise program however, keeping a fit and healthy body is possible.

Types of Exercise to Flatten Stomach in 2 Weeks

  • Butterfly Crunch – This exercise targets the abdomen in an effort to achieve that “six-pack” appearance.
    • While lying on the floor face up, bend the knees out to the sides and put the soles of the feet together.
    • Put the hands behind the head while making sure the elbows are in line with the ears.
    • Exhale and keep the stomach muscles contracted while lifting the chest off the floor toward the legs.
    • Return to starting position and repeat 10 times.
  • Front Plank – This exercise targets abdominals.
    • Begin by lying face down using only the forearms and balls of the feet to support the body.
    • Keep the back, shoulders and the extended legs straight.
    • Hold the position for 30 to 60 seconds.
    • Drop the knees to the floor to rest.
      Repeat 10 times.

Other Forms of Exercise to Flatten Stomach for Men and Women

  • Cardio workouts such as running, jogging, brisk-walking and swimming can help eliminate the fat in the abdomen region as well as keep the whole body fit.
  • Squats provide a definite calorie-burning exercise and increase the heart rate for a good all-around workout.
  • Mountain climber exercise is another effective cardio workout. Assume the position for doing pushups, and then bend one knee closer to the body while the other leg is stretched behind you. Change knees quickly for a more challenging workout.

In order to perform effective exercises to flatten stomach, make sure to eat well-balanced meal filled with fiber-rich foods that ward off the fat. Have enough servings of fruits and vegetables for an adequate supply of vitamins and nutrients. Consult a physician to see if one’s current health conditions can handle strenuous cardio exercises.

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