Yoga And Exercises To Reduce Waist Size: Workouts To Trim Waistline

Exercise is one of the best methods to lose weight along with proper diet and nutrition. Some people exercise because it allows them to feel good, to reduce stress while others just love to sweat. In any case men and women who exercise live younger than their counterparts living a sedentary life.

Exercises For Reducing Waist Size

Perhaps the most important reason to exercise is that it can help prevent you from ballooning up. Increase in weight carries two important risks, firstly the likelihood of developing risky conditions such as high blood pressure, heart attack, high cholesterol and LDL level, sleep apnea, diabetes etc. and secondly if the extra weight is carried around your waist, you are even at a higher risk of these diseases. This is because the fat cells in your abdominal fat secrete a hormone that is directly responsible for inflammation in your blood vessels.

When you are considering exercises for reducing waist size, there are several easy ways to do so:

  • Walking: although walking is considered good for heart health, it is also useful for reducing weight.
    When you brisk walk daily for at least 30 to 45 minutes five times in a week, the fat in your waist and belly is first to get burnt. And if you incorporate jogging into your routine, the chance of reducing waist size quickly increases many folds.

Workouts To Trim Waistline

  • Swimming and cycling helps to tone up the muscles of the abdomen, thighs, waist and legs. It also burns lot of calories thus helping to reduce overall weight and particularly from the waist.
  • Skipping firms your abdominal muscles, your glutes and quadriceps. Do it just like you did as a kid, bounding as high and lightly as possible, alternating legs and swinging arms.
  • Abdominal exercises can also reduce your waist size quickly if it is performed in combination with aerobic exercise and weight training exercise. Abdominal exercises such as crunches and sit ups not only tone the abdomen, but also focus on muscles of hips and buttocks. This abdominal exercise does not require any equipment and can be performed at home.

Yoga For Reducing Waist Size

  • Yoga helps to reduce your waistline as any other exercises meant to reduce your waist; in addition it also relaxes your mind. Padahastasana is excellent yogasana for reducing your fat in the abdominal area which gives you a good waist line. Urdhava hastotanasana is another good yoga exercise which increases the flexibility of the body by reducing the waist size.
  • Strength training exercise: researchers found that incorporating free weights and resistance exercises are also effective for reducing waist size. It helps to maintain a lean and thin body as the fat gets burnt, with it you can achieve reduced waist size quickly.

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