Home Remedies & Non-Surgerical Treatment for the Removal of Gallstones

Gallstones are solid deposits that form inside the gallbladder by accumulation of bile components. Nonsurgical approach to gallstones is only considered when a patient has other serious medical condition preventing the procedure. There is high risk of gallstones recurrence after 5 years.

What are the Gallstones Treatment Options

  • Treatment option depends on the size of the stones, severity of the symptoms, and overall health of the patient
  • Surgery.
    Also known as cholecystectomy is the most reliable treatment option. Can be done as an open procedure or non-invasive laparoscopic procedure
  • Medication. Oral pills are given to the patient to dissolve the stones. Treatment may last up to 2 years
  • Lithotripsy. It is the less common method used nowadays which uses high-energy, ultrasound waves in the upper right abdomen of the patient where the stones can be found. The procedure splits up the stones into smaller fragments, which are then flushed out from the body.
  • Dissolution Treatment. Uses a few chemical agents to dissolve the stones. Oral dissolution therapy uses drugs made from bile acid to dissolve gallstones. Contact dissolution therapy uses injection direct to the gallbladder to dissolve cholesterol stones
  • Natural Treatment.
    Uses curative herbs that promote bile secretion.

Home Remedies and Non-Surgical Treatment for Gallstones

  • 4 tablespoons of lemon juice every morning taken on an empty stomach for a week
  • Fresh pear fruit or juice, apple and citrus juice, and 20 ml of olive oil with half of a lemon and a slice of garlic helps fight off the stones and relieve a person by flushing
  • Qubra Pedra, an herb in tea form taken for 1 – 2 months

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