Gastric Bypass Long Term Complications: Gastric Bypass Health Dangers

Gastric Bypass Long Term Complications

What happens in a gastric bypass surgery is that one’s digestive system is modified to make it absorb fewer calories from the actual calories of any food and drinks taken. Here, the stomach’s upper portion is tied up into a pouch. And instead of passing to the lower stomach, the food entering it goes directly to the lower part of the intestine, thus reducing the amount of calories absorbed although the required digestive juices continue to be absorbed by the stomach.

The surgery however brings about gastric bypass long term complications and some side effects.

Gastric Bypass Long Term Results

Here are the long-term benefits of getting a gastric bypass:

  • Diabetic patients observe a dramatic lowering of their blood sugar levels as well as maintaining healthy levels of their blood sugar levels.
  • Pain in the joints brought by arthritis, especially those caused by obesity, is comparatively reduced after the surgery.
  • After a gastric bypass, medications for high blood pressure are reduced.
  • Asthma attacks and the need for inhalers are lessened after the surgery.
  • Apnea symptoms are also reduced, if not eliminated.
  • Depression is eliminated and self-confidence is developed.

Gastric Bypass Long Term Side Effects

Some nutritional deficiencies may result from the surgery’s objective to reduce the calories absorbed by one’s body.

Hence, the following side effects may also be observed:

  • Dumping symptoms such as vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness result from the sudden intake of sugar.
  • Incision hernia may result from the surgery staples breaking and causing some leakage and hernia.
  • Anemia and vitamin deficiency.
  • The formation of blood clots in the legs and eventually in the lungs may bring about deep vein thrombosis.

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