How To Prevent Goiter: What Are The Causes Of Goiter

Goiter is the enlargement of thyroid gland, just below the Adams apple in your neck. The thyroid gland is H shaped gland with two lobes; swelling can be in either one or in both the lobes.

Goiter is generally not painful condition and it is non cancerous enlargement.

What Are The Causes Of Goiter?

The single largest cause of goiter all over the world is iodine deficiency in the diet.

Developed countries use iodized salt in their diet; there the cause of goiter may be linked to thyroid hormone imbalance or nodule in the gland.

When the size of thyroid gland becomes enormous, it may cause compression or deviation of the trachea, hoarseness of voice, distension of neck vein, difficulty in swallowing and breathing, tightness in throat etc.

As earlier said, there is not much one can do to prevent goiter other than paying attention in your diet, and avoiding the risk factors leading to goiter.

How To Prevent Goiter?

  • Salt can be easily iodinated. It is a good vehicle to ensure adequate daily supply of iodine.
    Make sure you eat iodized salt, especially if you are staying in areas where the soil is deficient in iodine.
  • Eat Seafood containing iodine such as sea weed, shrimps, shell fish, etc.
  • Fruits and vegetables also contain iodine if they are grown near coastal area.
  • Prevent over exposure of radiation if you are working in radiation department facilities or if you are on radiation treatment.
  • Goiter prevention is possible by avoiding certain anti-retroviral and immune-suppressant medications.

A healthy lifestyle and optimal iodine containing diet helps to prevent goiter in most cases.

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